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  • Summary: YOU’RE A LIAR! Bet, bluff, and roll in
    this addicting dice game. Enjoy hours of
    strategy and statistics, beating the odds by outwitting your opponents. Ready, Set, Lie!

    Play against other players or play against computers to test your wits and strategies for this pirate dice game.
    Super intelligent AI takes into account not only probabilities but also previous bets and random chance for determining the best course of action.

    In this form of Liar's Dice, each player rolls 5 regular (6-sided) dice, and conceals their own dice from all other players. While each player can see only their own dice, all dice are used in constructing the 'best' hand. For example, a player may have two 2's among their 5 dice. However, they may choose to declare 'three 2's' based on their expectation that at least one additional 2 is concealed amongst the dice of the other players.

    Note: 1's are wild in this game

    Playing with a group? One variation: Loser takes a drink.

    Shake the device to start the game/continue over computer player's turns.

    The computer intelligence increases as the number of computer players increases. In turn, score increases against more computer players.

    Intelligent computer players take into account not only probabilities but previous bets to determine the best course of action.
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