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  • Summary: "LinkPro" by 4UAppsLink Pro by 4UAPPS is an interesting and addictive game, yet very simple. Link all pairs of of the same-colored buttons with lines. Isn't it too easy? You have to cover the entire blocks of the board!!! If you are creative, you will feel this game is like drawing a picture. The puzzle's levels are infinitive. Check your achievements with the completed number and the tried number. *** iPhone5 is supported ******** "You will find this fun and yourself addicted to this game as going on" *** " LinkPro is the game you can recommend to your friends!!-goodappsilike*** "Link Pro, This is the real Puzzle Game!!" ***- Janie*** "Link Pro is the best game because it allows many creative solutions for users"****"You can link the buttons in your own way"- shopsnbestappsHow to Play: - Puzzle levels are infinitive, just click the next to go on - Link the pairs of same-colored button, and fill the blocks on the board - 5x5, 7x7, 9x9 blocks, and Time Mode- Check Achievements to see how many puzzles you completed http://www.4uapps.com Expand
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