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  • Summary: Little conquest is a frenetic strategy game with beautiful HD + Retina graphics.Conquer all the buildings before your enemy to earn your victory. Create your army using powerful mythological units and invincible siege weapons. Use the magical powers of the druids to enhance your attacks or block your enemies.Extend your conquest to your friends’ devices in amazing multiplayer battles and brag your conquests in Facebook and Twitter.Little conquest features several game styles to keep you entertained (Conquer buildings, Survival -an inverse twr defense mode-, Click to kill, etc.), all merged smoothly in the campaign.What the press is saying:"The end result is that you get a good amount of the engagement, strategic wizardry, and fulfillment that you could from a blown-up strategy game in a quarter of the time.Little Conquest is aware of its coolest feature -- it actively tries to deliver one of the fastest RTS experiences possible, while still delivering somewhat traditional play. It's a curious mixture, and one that has wanting to see a lot more".TouchArcade.“Little Conquest looks to be the next step in the evolution of [the] genre.[…] Developer Battlebit is putting together a hefty game with Little Conquest. […] Simple and bright, Little Conquest looks like an animated pop-up book”.Gamezebo.“Battlebit Games has introduced a number of twists in the gameplay that appear to be inspired by classic RTS titles.[…] All of this is complemented by a bright, clean cartoon art style that promises to shine on Retina display iOS devices”.PocketGamer.FeaturesFun and challenging game play.Gorgeous HD retina graphics (iPad2 + all retina devices!).Two campaigns: Greeks vs. Egyptians + Vikings vs. Normans.Online multiplayer, with voice chat.Many units and building types to control, including mythological creatures, special heroes and siege weapons.Magical powers to get an edge over your enemy.Three difficulty levels, from casual to hard.Beautiful sound design.GameCenter integration for achievements and leader boards.Facebook and Twitter integration.Universal app (iPod + iPhone + iPad; Requires iOS5+). Expand
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  1. Sep 17, 2012
    In either mode, the game looks good, with attention to detail that shows in things like trees casting little shadows. It sounds even better, which is impressive for a small studio, though you may tire of the soundtrack after extended play sessions.
  2. Sep 30, 2012
    While the ability to replay levels for a higher score, or faster time exists, I found myself finishing most levels the first time around with a score with which I was pleased, and no real need to explore other strategies.
  3. Sep 14, 2012
    Too simple for its own good, Little Conquest strips away too much of what makes strategy games exciting, and leaves you with a repetitive, dull slog.