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  • Summary: Meet Cheddar, the happiest mouse you ever did see! At least, he used to be, until that family with the cheese moved in. Now, all he can think about is finding a way to GET. THAT. CHEESE. But he can't do it alone. Cheddar needs your help!

    In Little Labyrinths, you'll help Cheddar simply
    by drawing a line from Cheddar to his cheese. Of course, it's never quite that easy, is it?

    First, every maze in Little Labyrinths is different. So you won't be able to just memorize the right path. Second, Cheddar isn't the only one looking for something. Whether it's a grumpy crab searching for pearls at the bottom of the ocean, or an ancient dragon protecting her eggs in a magma pool, you can bet that if they know Cheddar, they'll need your help too.

    So what are you waiting for? The Little Labyrinths await!

    Like to mix it up? Little Labyrinths launches with four separate game modes with more to come every month! Here's a summary of just a couple.

    * CLASSIC - Little Labyrinths original recipe! In this mode, you'll need to fight against a ticking clock to solve as many mazes as possible before time expires. Solve more mazes, get more time. It's just that simple. But to score big points, you'll have to be really good, because solving consecutive mazes quickly is the only way you'll multiply your score. And don't forget to look out for those pick-ups!

    * ZEN - No points. No pick-ups. No timer. No stress. In this mode, there's nothing but you and the maze. Solve one. Solve a hundred. It's up to you.

    * Procedural generation means you never have to play the same maze twice!
    * Intuitive touch-based controls allow anyone to play!
    * Over 30 different characters, objectives, environments, and game modes, with more to come!
    * Mix-and-Match: Want a police car to search for buried treasure in deep space? Want a yeti to look for cheese at the bottom of the ocean? All these choices are yours in Little Labyrinths!
    * Unique risk/reward scoring systems make every game mode feel like a different game!
    * Want to know more about your character? The environment? Check out the included in-game encyclopedia for fun facts about your favorites.
    * Full Game Center support with more than 60 different achievements to earn online or off!
    * Online leaderboards to let you compare your skills with friends (and enemies) across the world!
    * High definition visuals designed for the iPhone's Retina Display!
    * From the creators of the critically-acclaimed iOS game Flipship!

    Each month, Little Labyrinths will be expanded with new characters, objectives, environments, and game modes. Next month, be prepared to explore a village at night, follow a bard on his many mis-adventures, and perhaps deal with a few other surprises, all while "staying in the light." More Little Labyrinths await!

    This game supports certain "in-app-purchases" ("IAP"). Though IAP is supported, such support is made available solely to allow players to accelerate their acquisition of characters, objectives, environments, and game modes, if desired. In-game currency will always be available for collection at reasonable rates simply by playing the game. IAP will NEVER be used to unbalance internal gameplay.

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  1. Apr 21, 2012
    With gameplay focused on split-second decisions and lightning-fast fingers, Little Labyrinths proves that good things come in small packages.
  2. Apr 18, 2012
    Little Labyrinths has no right to be as much fun as it is, relying as it does on the surface simplicity of a basic maze-solving game. Then again, taking classic ideas and breathing new life into them is what the mobile platforms do best, and so with its variety of modes and procedurally-generated mazes, this is one simple game that's easy to recommend.
  3. Apr 23, 2012
    If you're a fan of mazes, Little Labyrinths offers up a nice alternative to all of the wood and ball labyrinth style games on the App Store – but it's just not the hyper-addictive title we were hoping for