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  • Summary: *************************** Special Introductory price! *************************** Ready to experience the fastest sled racer in the App Store? It may look cute, but it will challenge the most experienced gamers with its exhilarating pace! REVIEWS: "Turned my iPhone into a conduit for joy. It's wistful, beautiful, responsive and full of charm." "This is a great, fun, cute, original game. And it's fun for all ages." "Nicely polished with a distinct and charming style that is punctuated by the original piano track." *************************** Sled as either Max or Maya as you: - Duck and dodge through thick glades of trees - Soar through the air as you jump off the ramps - Perform tricks in the air - Navigate hairpin turns and twists - Collect treasure along the way - And most importantly... Watch out for the bunnies! FEATURES: - Original piano soundtrack - Fluid 3D animations - Responsive accelerometer controls - Bonus items - Jumps - Air tricks Little Red Sled currently contains 15 challenging courses, and we are adding more in subsequent updates. The introductory price is for a limited time only. As we add more courses, the price will go up. Get it while it's low, and get all the updates for free! EXTRAS: Check out gameplay videos and download the original soundtrack for free on our website at: ***************************************** MORE GAMES ***************************************** If you enjoyed Little Red Sled, check out our other games: - Harbor Master - Imangi - Imangi Word Squares Photographers - watermark your photos right on your iPhone with our app PhotoMarkr! Expand
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