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  • Summary: Third-Person Shooter Mystery RPG Are you the hero or the villain in this lore? Immerse yourself in this western epic as you set out to discover your true identity and figure out what has happened in the simple mining town of Bullsvil. As you collect clues and interact with the townsfolk, will you find that ignorance was bliss? Lost Memory is a third person shooter that integrates both swipe-to-slash and tap-to-shoot functions during battles. Dodge enemy attacks and deliver fatal blows as you progress through the story. With customizable avatar and interactive gameplay, there will never be a dull moment. Immerse yourself in the vast 3D world of Lost Memory and experience the action through cinematic angles as you unravel the secrets to your past. Action and mystery come together like never before in this epic third-person shooter! FEATURES: STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS Powered by Unreal Technology, Lost Memory displays stunning 3D gameplay environments and dynamic battle sequences. NON-STOP REALTIME ACTION Dodge enemy attacks and deliver crushing blows in real time combat! HAND TO HAND AND LONG DISTANCE COMBAT Switch between your daggers and guns as you engage in interactive battles! MYSTERY STORYLINE Unlock the truth as you find clues that reveal what has plagued the town of Bullsvil. CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR Equip the strongest weapons to customize how your character looks! Expand
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