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  • Summary: [LAUNCH EVENT] DOWNLOAD 'LUMIGON' FOR FREE NOW!!!!Dive into the world of Vanster, where dreary roads and wild creatures await at every corner! Join Pina and Purumi as they set off on their quest to reclaim the missing pieces of the shattered moon. Purumi is a Lumigon, a race of light-bearing dragons that have access to great powers by consuming moon fragments known as 'Lunas'. Collect Lunas and energize Purumi to unleash his hidden abilities or gobble up powerful items and plow through your foes.Features:? Grab all the Lunas and evolve Purumi through his five different forms.? Play 'Story mode' and venture through the world of Vanster.? Compete with your friends on Facebook with 'Survival mode'? Collect Lunas of the same color to activate the 'Flamethrower' or 'Bubble shield' special ability.? Acquire the 'Flame Dash' and 'Dragonfire Charge' power-orbs to turn Purumi into a burning behemoth, blow up everything in your way!? Become a Luna magnet! Or how about a shining beacon of light? Why not walk through different dimensions altogether?? If you can't beat them? DESTROY THEM! Unleash Purumi's ultimate ability, the 'Purumi Blitz'Join us on the Lumigon Facebook page: us on Twitter: Expand
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  1. Nov 28, 2012
    Lumigon isn't what I'd consider an absolute must have – except possibly for runner junkies – but it's a fun and worthwhile game that does things a little differently. Assuming people enjoy constant motion and dodging obstacles with a healthy dose of cute they should find plenty to enjoy.
  2. Nov 26, 2012
    Lumigon has impressive graphics which are optimized for the iPhone 5, along with piano music that sounds like it was taken directly from Harry Potter, but the gameplay just didn't hold up for me. Still, if you're looking for something to play in short bursts of time, this is a decent game.