Lunar Lander Classic Image
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  • Summary: Lunar lander simulations debuted in 1969 just as the Apollo program was landing man on the moon. Minicomputers like the PDP-8 were showing up in industry and schools and a common way to use these expensive machines was to share its limited resources with others.Out of this environment came a high school student with a passion for math and NASA's Apollo program and the result was a lunar landing simulation that was for many their first introduction to computer gaming.Now you can experience how challenging it was to develop software and how slow the electromechanical devices of the era could be. Modern enhancements allow you to use the quieter and faster DEC VT52 video terminal (ca 1975) and the Focal statement trace lets you see the program run as each statement is processed.Computers such as the PDP-8 introduced a new generation to computing and now you can experience first hand what computer gaming was like in 1969. Sure it was slow and loud but for many it was exciting to witness the marriage of computers and gaming. Expand
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