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  • Summary: Lying Liar’s Dice Deluxe is an iPad version near perfect port of the classic bar game Liar’s Dice. Realistic, streamlined game play, challenging computer opponents, unique game play modes, and a detailed interactive tutorial to teach you how to play highlight this iPad adaptation. This is the perfect app for brand new and experienced Liar’s Dice players from around the world.

    1 minute game play video: - 4/5 Stars - iPhone Version
    "Lying Liar's Dice is a simple but addictive game that lets you play the old barroom standby, Liar's Dice, on your iPhone. The interface is sparse, but it offers all the information you need to play Liar's Dice with your friends on one phone, or against a surprisingly savvy AI." Jason Parker, Senior associate editor,

    "What makes Lying Liar’s Dice so great is that it presents the game in a way that it all makes sense, even for those who aren’t drinking. It’s not the prettiest interface ever, but once you get used to it, it’s quite fun." - Chris Hall, Senior Writer,

    Features include:

    - Play against 1-9 computer opponents
    - Multiplayer against 1-9 human and / or computer opponents
    - Detailed Walkthrough and interactive Tutorial Mode to learn how to play
    - 6 distinct game play modes (Classic, Reverse, Survival, One Die Challenge, Sudden Death, and Perfect Game Challenge)
    - All common rule sets (One’s Wild, No Wilds, Bid One’s at Any time, Bid One’s on first bid to make all dice “natural”, and Spot On Calls)
    - Detailed stat tracking across all game types and end game stats to see how each opponent performed during longer game modes
    - Multitasking Support
    - Quick game play with no load times or unnecessary waiting

    Lying Liar’s Dice is the epitome of Mobile Gaming which places Quick Fun above all else. The average game with 5 Opponents will take about 5 minutes to complete and will be filled with strategy, thinking, and most importantly FUN. As the game progresses immersion and emotion are guaranteed!

    An absolute must try for anyone who wants to play Liar’s Dice on the go, and a fun strategy game that will appeal to anyone who enjoys complex strategy games. The AI in Lying Liar’s Dice does not cheat and uses the exact same amount of information that the player has in order to place their bids and make their calls. Lying Liar’s Dice has only one difficulty setting: Realistic. Find out who is better at bluffing, You or a Computer!

    Liar’s Dice is a 500 year old game which tests the deception, strategy, and analytical abilities of its players. Each player begins with 5 dice and the objective is to be the last one standing.

    As seen in Red Dead Redemption and Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Suggestions and Questions are very welcome at

    The iPhone/Touch version can be found here:
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