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  • Summary: Some things don't mix well. The orange and blue matter in Lyst certainly don't. If they're combined with basic matter, things have a tendency to explode. But that's exactly what you want. The more matter you blow up, the more points you gain. Mixing the same color of matter causes a vacuum which moves matter closer together allowing you to build even bigger combos.

    You also have a handful of catalysts at your disposal. You can create bigger explosions, persistent vacuums, and even shrink matter to pack it together tighter. Use powerups, like Flash Freeze, to stop time, or Razor to subdivide matter.

    You can race against a timer with ever increasing speed in Arcade mode, or try to prevent matter from disintegrating and filling up the game field in Ash mode. It's like chemistry without setting your hair on fire.

    Music: The three track soundtrack is available at Or, you can create a "Lyst Soundtrack" playlist and add whatever music you would like to hear. Or turn off the music option and use the iPod normally.
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