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  • Summary: MadChimp-Free (for limited time period)--------------------------------------------------------------------We have received reviews (most of 5 star) from US users within few hours of its launching… A must play ?????By Cpassb – Version 1.0 – Sep 15, 2012Fun game!! Great story line! Love the music! Must play! So addicting!!Love, love, love! ?????By Bfasano – version 1.0 – Sept 15, 2012My son is 4 yrs old and absolutely loves this game! Recommend for all toddlers!!!Great game ?????By Kowser – Version 1.0 – Sept 15, 2012Love the graphics and sounds. Fun to play.If you love monkeys, this is the game for you ????? By Tony Crisp – Version 1.0 – Sept 15, 2012Monkey sounds, jungle scenes, and just a bunch of crazy chimps makes this Angry Bird engine game as fun as a barrel full of monkeys. Please post more info on so us users can get to know the developers and understand why we should sign up for hey-zap.Fun! ????By Goofy2527 – Version 1.0 – Sept 15, 2012Entertaining Angry Birds style game. Please put the banana count in the level select menu so I know which levels to go back and 3-banana. Cool game!--------------------------------------------------------------------We have received reviews (all 5 star) from Indian Users within few hours from its launching…Addictive Game! ?????By SaberToothReturns – Version 1.0 – Sept 15, 201250 amazing levels as FREE!!!! They are not only completely free but also a great challenge to clear them… I am enjoying during game play from start to end… I will highly recommend for its download and wait for next updates.Superb! ?????By iPhone_Lover_001 – Version 1.0 – Sept 15, 2012Today, I saw MadChimp at “New Release” category at my iPhone4S, and was thinking that download it or not… but hey!!!... I was the luckiest person who could download it… really amazing game after a very long time period… Superb… MadChimp is a combination of “Great Graphics + Sound + Physics code + Levels Code (wow 50 different physics based levels as totally free) + addictive… I am really looking for its more updates… Thanks Blue44apps.-------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: we have more 5 star review but cant post here due to space problem.MadChimp (1.0) Description:The fate of the entire chimp colony lies on a teenage chimp named “Chip.” You see Chip is very upset. He’s not only upset, he’s downright MadChimp! One peaceful morning, in a not so distant past, Chip was out foraging and then it happened- His entire family was abducted out of the Congo by those pesky Zookeepers. Eye witness report, “they came at the crack of dawn flying them darn giant helicopter and dropping them cages! They took my lovely wife Greta! Oh Greta, how I miss you! I hear good ole Chip is hot on their trail!” - Uncle Rufus the Elderly ChimpHurl “Chip” through the air as he cannonball smashes through cages to free up chimp colony members and any animal that the zookeepers have taken. Chip’s heroic journey spans two continents, two oceans, and two major U.S. Cities- NY & Los Angeles! Chip is Mad and ready to bring his loved ones back home!MadChimp Worlds (10x world)1. Congo 2. Serengeti 3. Across the Atlantic into New York 4. By Train through the Florida Everglades5. Flying on Airplane to the Los Angeles Zoo MadChimp is optimized for iphone and Ipad. 100% Free Try it now... Expand
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