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  • Summary: ??? A fascinating games for music & rhythm training ?????? Fascinating, interactive and magic experience for kids of all ages ??? ==========Content==========Magic Chorus is a leisure music game mainly of English songs intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. This game has many different functions like Kids’ Karaoke, training for sense of music and music battles. It has English karaoke songs about cognition, life and developing good habits, which will help enhance children’s cognition, sense of music, speed of response and English level, help them develop good habits and at the same time turn them into little music masters. ==========Product Features==========?Rich in functions, fun and intelligence-boosting, children’s favorite:Magic Chorus provides children with rich functions like fun kids’ karaoke, training for sense of music and music battles. The difficulty level will change automatically according to the child’s level. In this way, we can teach our children while having fun, and the kids will love it!?Great parent-child interaction, deepening the cognitionIn the game, kids can learn to sing and improve their sense of music with the Frog Prince that does horse dancing, Professor Owl with glasses, the restless Mashimaro, the fashionable Aunt Chicken and Uncle Fatty Doggie. The children can also battle against their parents!?Comprehensive Music Library covering cognition, life & habit-formingMagic Chorus provides a huge music library with not only must-learn children’s songs, but also kids’ songs concerning cognition, life, habit-forming and other aspects. Expand
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