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  • Summary: Game description: Magic Fairy series of games,beautiful car models, simple, easy, beautiful and pleasant style, while the pursuit of happiness gaming experience, a lot of mystery and fantasy are more visual experience! Background: Beautiful car models has been demon cast a magic spell, show in front of us is already a mini-car whirlpool, use our wisdom to quickly clear the mists of the mini-car, save the lost spell behind the car models are, they smile waiting for you The discovery, happiness lies in your hands! So what do, fast action!

    How to play:
    The two mini-car to the same horizontal or vertical way to fast matching, the correct match will go away. All the mini car was gone, the beautiful car models will be waiting with a smile on the arrival of the warriors.

    At the same time, the game offers a lot of magic props process, bring us more surprises, fun and magic!

    Magic props Description:
    Reconstruction of the earth: to re-adjust the fog swirl mini cars;
    Mysterious Sword: Lost a pair of mini-car;
    Funnel time: 20 seconds to extend the game of life;
    Water for Life: The game of life period of 60 seconds;

    Lucky Star: Give us 5 random rewards opportunities magic props;

    Little God of Wealth: multiply game bonus points;

    Light of Destruction: disappearance of three pairs of mini cars.

    Smart, brave and willing to challenge the Warriors, Come and enjoy the beautiful car models give us the tension, mystery and heart to experience it!

    Passion Tips:
    Continuous mini car matching the same 3 pairs, each time a new combination will have a fantastic bonus props yo!
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