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  • Summary: Ready for a big day, pal?

    Welcome to my room! Sometimes there are a lot of strange things happen in it. Thats why I call it Magic. But don't be afraid, it is not scary. Feel yourself comfortable, but don't be sitting at my bed to not to wake up my cat that I love so much. You may
    look at my treasure: there are many different things here which can amuse you. Feel homy and be free to touch everything that you are interested in.

    Now I want to tell you some game rules:
    Try to discover what objects in room is useful for me and I will be able to fly in box-spaceship made by myself, but to make it magic you have to collect a word on my magnet board. Also you can get new words of the letters and look what will happen then. Always, when my box becomes a magic my toys getting alive and trying to catch me!

    MY MISSION: to evade from object as much time as you can. Don't touch border of screen when flying.

    Don't be afraid of catching me by my toys. My box-spaceship has a self-destroy button and I am having a parachute which can help me to save.
    Be ready! The duration of my flight depends on your reaction or your brain. Sharpness helps you to upgrade my box.

    ?Online statistics;
    ?Online best video replays;
    ?More items to evade from;
    ?More upgrades for box-spaceship;
    ?More backgrounds to fly on.

    The room is like a game menu, there are some features in it:
    ? Magnet board is a submenu where you can collect words. For example, NEWGAME, HELP, PETARD, SCS and two words more.
    If you collect a word in a right way, you hear a boy's voice "YES". Then the word you collected becomes a button exept those which can bring you an upgrade (PETARD, .., ..). You have to find out what are the rest two words ))
    ? Chest is a zone where you can select objects to evade from. You have to select 4 objects.
    ? Cat on a bed helps you to turn sounds in game on/off.
    ? Piggy-Bank helps you to see other developer's products.
    ? Tapping on clocks opens the submenu where you can see your high scores and video replays.
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