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  • Summary: Sara is a modern remake of the good old Senso-Game (also known as Simon) from the 1980’s. In addition to the traditional mode, Sara comes with two new and addicting levels, a hardcore and a multiplayer mode. This is the one and only Senso-Game with an extraordinary multiplayer mode, the wheel will be heavily transforming while you are playing. The multiplayer mode enables you to measure your brainpower with your friends. The players decide the order of the colors. After clicking the previous sequence right, it is the players’ decision which color comes next. Are you the one who first looses control over the color sequence? Try it out and see how much more difficult it will be to remember the right order with a transforming wheel!Normal Mode:This is the traditional and easiest mode. The goal is to repeat the order of colors that are blinking, beginning with one color and adding each round another color to the sequence. The sequence is repeated completely after each round before a new color is added.Hardcore Mode:The principle of this mode is similar to the normal mode, with the only difference that you don’t see a repetition of the previous colors and therefore have to remember all the colors from the beginning.Multiplayer:This mode is very interesting and especially funny if you play it with some friends. The computer doesn’t give you an order of colors, you decide the sequence! The first player presses any of the four color buttons. The next player has to press the color from the first player and add another color to the sequence. The next player has to repeat the colors that the other players pressed before and also adds a color. That goes on as long as a player hits a wrong color. This mode is for example very suitable for drinking games. Expand
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