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  • Summary: ????2???,????2????2011?12?3?-2012?1?3?“????”??????!???????“2011??????”38??????,10?????,10?????,8????????,???????!?????CD?,?????????,???????!????2???,????2????2011?12?3?-2012?1?3?“????”??????!???????“2011??????”38??????,10?????,10?????,8????????,???????!?????CD?,?????????,???????! ????????,????????:?????:????????????????????,????????????:???????????????????????????????????,??????????????,????????????????:??????????????,??????????????,??????????????????,???????????:???????????????????????????????????!“????”????Magikid Stage??App Store“??????”??,?????????????????????????????????,????????,??????,?????????????????? off,limited time (Dec.3,2011-Jan.3,2012), for the Angell Echo 2nd Anniversary.Latest app from Magikid series! App Store "iPad App of the week" series!38 nursery rhymes, 10 Chinese stories, 10 English stories and 8 scenes in all.The animated CD player is gorgeous and full of imagination. Magikid Player is an exclusive player for kids.?Simple: Easy to use! Listen to music and stories by simply tap the screen.?Classic Stories: Pleasant music box with familiar rhymes and folk songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb.?Wonderful Stories: Allegory, life stories, and classic fairy tales are carefully rewritten for kids.?Animated Player: Spinning CD player, turning holder, sparkling music notes. Everything is animated.Magikid Stage from Magikid Series was featured as iPad app of the week in App Store and also ranked No.1 in Games for Kids and Role Playing categories. Magikid Player from the same series shares the same quality with rich content and constant renewal. Magikid Player makes wonderful childhood with great music and stories.Stay updated with the latest Angell Echo news:Twitter: Weibo: @angellechoOur Website: www.angellecho.comFor business cooperation, please contact: Expand
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