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  • Summary: The capital of Mahjong——Sichuan!At anywhere and anytime, Mahiong is here for you.Mahjong is a game of skill, intelligence, calculation and luck – and is usually played by four people. Standard Order of Play1?It has 108 tiles marked in Circle suit, Bamboo suit and Character suit without flower tiles, wind tiles and dragon tiles.2?Can't discard. ( "Pass" means "Give up")3?How to win: it needs to lack the more than one of three suits.4?More than one winner: when one of players discards a card which can make more than one winners. 5?Wind and rainWind ( exposed Kong): Kong ——face up and Kong ——face downKong—face up: If another player has the other three of the discarded tile, he may claim it for a Kong, and place all four tiles face up in front of his hand. Kong—face up can earn one time points from discarded player.Kong—face down:If a player gets four of a kind in his hand, he can claim it as a Kong. This type of Kong can earn one time points from other players except for winner.Rain ( hidden Kong)Rain is the player gets four of a kind in his hand (didn't claim Pung yet) and claims it as a Kong. Rain can earn twice time points from other players except for winner.When a player claim a Kong—face down, she or he can claim Kong to takes precedence to win.In addition: if there are no one to declare to win and no one claim "fishing", players should pay back the points earned from Wind and Rain.Sichuan mahjong how to point:Basic point: One time: basic win. Four melds and one pair Twice times: pairs to win. Players has four pairs except for the basic pair.Third time: one kind of suit to win. Players has only one suit, such as circle suit 1133332224569999Others: Gen: one time. four of a kind in players' hand and haven't claim as Kong. Expand
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