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  • Summary: Pharose????‘????PK?’,??????lite?????????PK?????????????????????,???????PK???,????????????????PK??????????????????????88???1000????????,????????????????????????????????,??????,‘???????’‘???????’?‘???????’???????PK????????????????,???????????PK??Pharose????‘????PK?’,??????lite?????????PK?????????????????????,???????PK???,????????????????PK??????????????????????88???1000????????,????????????????????????????????,??????,‘???????’‘???????’?‘???????’???????PK????????????????,???????????PK???????????????,??????,PK????????!????????????,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,???PK?????,?????????????????????,???????????,????,PK??,????,???????????????????????‘????’???????????,??????????????????,??????????‘????HD’???????????,???v9.0?????PK????????????,???????????????????????????PK????????????????????????????,?????????????,???????????????????????????????????,????‘????HD’???????????????,???? ????QQ???????????????,??????????????????????????????????????????????!This brand new Mahjong Tea House free PK version is different with our popular lite version. You don't need to wait the free game credit by hours anymore. Besides the traditional Mahjong table, a few PK side games come up after you win a full hand which let player enjoy the game even better. The Mahjong needs to consume gold per play. Initially you are gifted an Orientation Gift Combo as 88 gold + 1000 tea coins. You'll be rewarded more during the game. Whenever you full a hand, depends on the hand value, 'Lucky Gold Slot','Treasure Hunter' or 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' games are triggered. Winning the side game will gain you gold, or extra tea coins & experience points. If you full a premium hand, up to thousands of gold super prize is waiting for you. More gold combos, tea coins packs, levels, functions as well as fascinating toys are for sale in Magic Store. Please be aware of that only gold combos are purchased by US$, all other goods there can be redeemed by gold. Therefore being a smart Mahjong player plus side games winners, you have chance to enjoy all game features for free. All Customer Service info, Core Concept, PK Games, Set Up, User Guide and Friendly Tips are embedded in the 'Game Info' from the log in page. Please go through it first to avoid missing any important game elements.Meanwhile, our fantastic 'Mahjong Tea House HD' classic full version will be upgraded to v9.0 to enable side games as well. In where player doesn't need gold to play Mahjong, all extra charged levels or functions in PK version have been included too. As we promised, all full version customers are free upgraded permanently to any new features. If you like to pay once but play for ever, welcome to enjoying our full version! Expand
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