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  • Summary: Major Danger, Ultimate Board Game!

    Now you can take this fun board game with you where ever you go with none of the hassle of loosing pieces or cards!

    This game is great for a simple family fun night, not to long while still challenging, this game is perfect for children! In most board
    games younger children can’t last until the end; But with Major Danger you can choose your difficulty! If your a hard core gamer and you want to really play out this game to the end or you just want to use up some free time you can choose to play in the harder/longer difficulty level, or if you have younger children who may get impatient than you can play the easy difficulty setting. Maybe your not sure you want to waste that much time playing on your iPad, but you don’t want to play a shorter game then you can play in the medium difficulty setting!

    This game has many great feature!
    -Tons of Fun Mini Games

    - Fun Obstacles
    With anything ranging from black holes to mud pits all we can say is watch your step!

    -Great Chance Cards
    With these cards you can get anything from going all the way back to the finish line to going 18 spaces ahead!

    -Choose your length
    With major danger you can play int the Easy, Medium, or Hard Difficulty setting for variation between younger children to hard core gamers!

    Don’t be confused by other lesser quality board games, Major Danger is a professional game created by our developer team and not only that we have professional voices. This game is narrated by the professional narrator of the Geico Commercials! (not the Gecko the guy after him)

    -The Price
    Not only do you get all of those fun features you get that all for so little!
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