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  • Summary: "Makeout Mania is like popping a mint before making your move." - Bronze Award, Pocket Gamer

    "humorous interactions between each character, the delightful animations and the social score sharing features make it a good, whimsical distraction" - Games Uncovered

    "..this highly entertaining and easy to pick up title will definitely delight the iPhone's pool of casual gamers. What's more, the concept and animations are simply hilarious, and at a mere $ 0.99, we promise you won't regret pressing the 'buy' button" -- 4.5/5

    "Silly, fun, flirty, sassy! Challenges players to think of new twists and solutions to the puzzles. Great music, cute noises, colorful graphics, and adorable animations. I can't put it down!" - Phyrephlye

    This chain-reaction puzzler puts you in the shoes of a cupid playing match maker! As the God of Love and Mischief, you'll shoot unsuspecting students with your magic love arrows and watch them grab somebody for a kiss!

    It’s up to you to help kids find love and avoid the hall monitors. Play through 28 levels of frenzy inducing puzzles and then graduate to Mania Mode where you can compete with friends on Twitter. But be careful - that makeout frenzy spreads quickly! High School has never been this much fun!

    · Play 28 levels of increasing complexity and mania!

    · Meet a variety of students from the hippie class-clown to the love-immune emo.

    · Great characters, voice-overs and animation bring Makeout Mania to life.

    · Check out the High School Yearbook for character backgrounds and gossip.

    · Create awkward moments and big combos!

    · Avoid detention at all costs!

    · Explore unique puzzle mechanics with totally unique gameplay

    · Mania Mode gives nearly infinite replayability

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