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  • Summary: ******************** OMG it's free! *******************Mask of Ninja : Run IS NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!One of the Top Best App.Get it now while it stays Free!!*********************************************************The newest game from BLUE G&C, a well known gaming company for Cartoon Wars series: ‘Mask of Ninja’. SCENARIO There were masked ninjas with special mission. When one is anointed as a ninja, one gets a unique mask and one must wear it on mission. Ninjas believed the souls of past ninja is en-carved in the mask gave it a special power. Past legendary ninjas’ masks were kept in a sacred places. One day, the Dark Force attacks the town in an attempt to gain these masks and soul. The Dark Force took all these masks and the town and the people were burnt in the flame. The only survivor Jake, the beginner, takes the oath to take the revenge and take the stolen masks back… Adventure to re-capture ancestor’s mask begins... Run as far as possible and kill monsters along the way to amass high scores.Control:-Right button:Attack.-Left button: Jump or Double jump.Item:There are 3 items that you can gain during the field. Consider what item to gain because the item effect applies instantly.-Increase Time Item: Increases the remaining time.-Increase speed: Increases running speed.-Decrease speed: Decreases running speed.Game Over:Game is over when times over regardless of HP. If you have 0 HP, the game is over regardless of the remaining. Expand
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