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  • Summary: Supported Devices : iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 5, iPod Touch 4, iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad 2. The light version allows you to play 6 levels for FREE - thats approx 30 minutes of Play Time!!! If you enjoy the game, you can upgrade to the full version and play through all 29 levels."Mauv is an exciting 3D game that you should definitely look into. Its features, graphics, and content all combine to create a solid all around game." - The iPhone App Review Push the limits of your imagination as you journey through a fantastic alien world. Explore unique landscapes, gather powerful tools, and battle fierce enemies unlike anything you have encountered before. Conquer exciting challenges and earn valuable rewards as you pursue your relentless quest to become a warrior. Mauv is a fascinating sci-fi adventure game that will provide you with many hours of fun, challenging, and totally addictive gameplay. Features: Massive 3D world composed of 29 levels. 3rd person and Side Scroller action. Real time combat with 14 different types of enemies. Puzzle like combat with 3 boss enemies. Interact with 14 types of allies and 14 story characters. Trade with Collectors, Trappers, and Trainers. Complete the Riding challenge. Advance your characters level. Collect 12 Tools to help you in your journey. Learn 6 Powerful Abilities . Collect ammo, trophies, hides, and more. Jump, climb, glide, roll, flip, attack and defend. Solve puzzles and overcome various obstacles. Story driven game play progression. Fame system will influence some allies. Several short but entertaining cutscenes. Original Soundtrack. *Shadows, anisotropic textures, and antialiasing not supported on iPhone4 / iPod Touch 4. Expand
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