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  • Summary: Prepare to cause mayhem and mischief as you take control of Max, an ordinary, everyday kid, except for one small, minor detail. Max has a cannon! He also loves nothing more than using it to cause as much damage as possible wherever he goes. Nothing is safe when Max is around, not even his own house!That’s right the online flash game and everyone’s favourite mischief maker are finally making their debut on iOS and they are bringing with them a whole host of new action packed surprises never before seen in the online game. Life is fun for a kid with a cannon and Max has a whole host of projectiles designed for destruction. Join Max for a typical day in his life as you make your way through 50 brand new action packed and puzzling physics powered levels. Using Max’s cannon fire various projectiles at a wide range of targets, from fridges to microwaves and BBQ’s to lovely artwork trying to rack up the most damage possible.This instalment of Max Damage brings an all-new 3 star ranking system based on your performance as well as Game Center achievements and a whole load of fun. Features:• 50 brand new levels of physics based carnage• All new targets and projectiles not available in the online game• Game Center achievements• 3 star reward system for maximum replay value• Retina display• Simple pick up and play game style Expand
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  1. Jun 8, 2011
    A fun physics-based puzzler that, with more levels and some fine-tuning, could yet be an iPhone essential.
  2. Jul 25, 2011
    It's not the cleverest game of its type, but it's tough to put down nonetheless. [Sept 2011, p.93]
  3. Jun 9, 2011
    Max Damage is a simple physics-based puzzler/shooter that focuses on general destruction; it's nothing we haven't seen before, but the chain-reaction levels can be a literal blast.
  4. Sep 12, 2011
    A pretty decent "pick-up-and-play" game. There are some achievements that make the game a little more fun, but most of the achievements are acquired just by playing the game normally instead of completing specific tasks. Unfortunately, there has not been a release of additional levels or achievements yet.
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