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  • Summary: MemQ allows you to test and enhance your memory capabilities.Features:- Support for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (including 4 inch displays)- Portrait and Landscape Orientations- Game Center support to keep track of your best score and worldwide rankHow to play:- Game starts by displaying 24 icons- "New Game" button starts a new game- The icons are shuffled with two icons changing positions, this is repeated 25 times (icon pairs are randomly selected)- Once the shuffle process is over, you are given sometime to try and memorize the icons layout- After a count down (10 down to 1), the icons are covered with curtains- Your score starts with 1,000- A small version of the icon to be uncovered is presented, you are supposed to remember the icon's location and tap the curtain that covers it- You lose three points for each incorrect attempt to uncover an icon- Once you correctly uncover the item to be found, a new icon is presented- The game is over once all icons are uncoveredWhy to play MemQ- Have fun and compete with other gamers for the highest score- Check how good your memory is- By playing MemQ repeatedly, you can improve your memory by finally being able to take a snapshot of 24 icons in your brain , then recall that snapshot for each icon you need to find and tap it's curtain to uncover it Expand
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