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  • Summary: You play with the dark tiles against an artificial intelligence.

    Goal of the game is to reduce the opponent's tiles from 9 to 2 by building mills or to block the tiles up. A mill consists of three same colored tiles aligned either horizontally or vertically. For each closed mill you are
    allowed to remove an opponent tile, which is not in a mill.
    In a first phase you place your tiles on the board by tapping on a free position. Then you move them around by wiping the pieces horizontally or vertically or, if you have only one adjacent piece, by tapping on a free position. If you only have three tiles left, you can jump to any free position by tapping a piece and then a position or by dragging the piece.

    Conventions for a tie:
    - 100 draws without closing a mill.
    - 3 times the exact same lineup.

    Tap on any light tile to let the artificial intelligence begin.
    Set the difficulty level — increasing from one to three — by tapping on the symbol in the top left corner.
    Abort the current game by tapping on the cross in the top right corner.

    You don't have to drag the pieces, but you can.
    - Tap a position to place them.
    - Wipe them horizontally or vertically.
    - Tap a piece and then the new position on the board.

    This game is also known as Mills, Nine Men's Morris, Merrill, Merels, and Merelles.
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