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  • Summary: ---------------------------------
    "...with the likes of Mines in Space blazing a trail of this quality, the bar has been raised to new heights of excellence." - www.pocketgamer.co.uk - Silver Award - 8/10

    "If you're a Minesweeper fan, this is the one to get." - Touch
    Arcade "Mines in Space comes closer to a perfect score than any other game I've reviewed." - iPhone Games Network - 4.5/5 --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVVxoiU0osU --------------------------------- Mines In Space is not only the ultimate version of the classic Minesweeper, but also features new and exciting puzzles designed to really test your brain power! As a new recruit aboard the spaceship Mine Seeker II, it's your mission to sweep the universe for deadly mines set by the fearless alien race, The Quagaaars, through 5 addictive game modes: • Classic As with classic minesweeper games, place your flags without detonating any mines! • Imposter Analyse the data to locate hidden Quagaaars disguised as asteroids! • UFO Finder The Quagaaars have cloaked their ships! Use the numbers to locate the hidden vessels. • Rocket Shuffle Your scanners have been scrambled! Shuffle the rockets back into their correct positions. • Final Frontier Put all your skills to the test in this epic 100 puzzle story mode. In your travels throughout the universe, you must also complete a series training achievements to unlock new Galaxies, increase your rank, and ultimately become the greatest captain in the fleet! It’s mine sweeper, Jim, but not as we know it! --------------------------------- V1.1 Update --------------------------------- - Classic Game Flag Button - now press twice for multiple flag placement. (By popular demand!) - Impostor Improved level generation - Final Frontier Increased level times for certain puzzles --------------------------------- Expand
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