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  • Summary: MonteCarlo Burning Asphalt: The best rubber-burning experience!!!Wherever you find yourself in the world, on highways or byways you’ll always have this game to hand on your iOS device.A great-fun game for everyone. One which boys, girls and adults will love, guaranteed.From the creator of Rodinia Games, - after 30 years of playing this game he’s sharing it with all the earthlings. I promise you that from the first moment you start to play, you won’t ever want to stop. There will always be something you keep your fingers busy when it comes to those long trips on the highway. You’ll need the eyes of a hawk and reflexes of a ninja for the next TOP GAME in the App store.You’ll be absorbed by the lines and before you know it, every time you see a line, wherever you go, when you see the white lines of the highway, your finger will start to twitch and you won’t know what’s happening. In Spain, The United States, Australia or in any other highway on Earth, your finger will start to move.Fun, addictive and easy to play. Be careful where you press or you’ll soon be out of gas! You have to have your reflexes well honed in order to score your best. You have to give it all you’ve got to beat your friends and show off your achievements on Facebook or Twitter.Change you vehicles color in the workshop or buy some of the features that you’ll find and be better than the rest. This isn’t just a race, it’s a challenge against yourself. Dodge trucks with flawless screen touches and be the best among your friends.Features:•Limitless fun; the best racing game you can play anywhere in the world, in any time or place, there are no excuses in MonteCarlo Burning asphalt.•Extreme challenge, don’t get caught napping or you’ll join the losers club in this exciting game, you’ll have to give it yourall in this game. A“MUST HAVE GAME” for everybody.•Extremely addictive, push yourself to the max and prove you’re the best by sharing your achievements on Facebook or Twitter.•Availible in HD for all iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also compatible with the new iOS 5.•Extras Store. Personalize your vehicle and boost your ability by adding bonuses with just one touch through the App Store and be better than the rest! •Free and regular updates includedGood luck!!! You’ll need it!!!*****Languages: Spanish, English and German. Expand
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