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  • Summary: Looking for PASSION?...Perhaps you thirst for DANGER and yearn for WONDERMENT...well stop right here: You'll find none of these in Monty Python's Trivial Quizzical Quest. But don't despair dear Questers. Play the all-new spanking trivia treasure packed with more pondering questions than an Australian Outback Philosophy Departmental Interview.Try your hand in three difficulty game modes testing your Monty Python knowledge to the point of sheer lunacy. Watch favourite clips from the Python Vaults including the TV series, movies and Live from the Hollywood Bowl. Pit your wits and ponder the answers on an erstwhile quest where you even have to listen very carefully to tiny little sound clips that only dogs and insane people can hear. Reach the end and you will be ranked to determine how far up the list of the show's funniest sketches you get. You don't want to be Mr Creosote surely?(Quiz disclaimer: we reserve the right to be obscure, have questions in French and repeatedly ask if THIS is the meaning of life?). Featuring:- Over 2000 amazing questions we'll ask you nicely- 100s of Python stunners in moving picture, non-moving picture and sound (yes!)- A fancy, original intro film you MIGHT appreciate- Extra questions for you to buy (like the Cheese Shop, but with questions) Expand
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  1. Jun 7, 2011
    Just like Scene It, but only hardcore Python fans will enjoy it.