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  • Summary: Do you like a challenge? Do you Like interesting Trivia and bizarre facts?Welcome to 'More or Less Allsorts', the amazing fun quiz game for everyone! More or Less is an addictive quiz where you don't need to know the exact answer, just whether your answer’s value is worth more or less than a given number. We have two addictive games for you. A 60 second Challenge and a Levels game and anyone can play. There’s over 5,000 interesting facts, figures and general knowledge questions waiting to be answered and we are constantly adding to this list so we can continue to share new and interesting facts for as long as you are playing.To play you simply have to decide which arrow to press on each question. The blue arrow if you think the answer is more than the given number and the red arrow for less. You need to do it as quickly as possible to score as many points as you can.Sounds easy?Well, you're up against a timer in both games so the pressure's always on and you need to be quick to gain points. Your timer counts as your score so the quicker you answer the more points you gain. Try taking the levels challenge and see if you can reach level 5, but the questions get harder and your time gets shorter. To register a score you must complete a level, but you only have 9 lives so you must use your time wisely. You can share your interesting facts on facebook, twitter and email or simply move on to the next question. Beware, there are lots of questions we call 'stinkers' - questions that nobody should really know so you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly....Or, take the 60 second challenge where you answer as many questions as you can in one minute. No lives for you here but get a question wrong and you’ll lose the points on your timer rather than gain them. Let the timer run down on a question and you lose no points but lose 10 valuable seconds of time!! It’s your decision.We hope you learn something new every time you play More or Less Allsorts. We've given you a small selection of questions in our lite version but if you'd like to learn more and fancy a real challenge then please download the full version for our ever growing question base.We also have many other specialized More or Less games coming soon, such as ‘More or Less Pop Music’ , ‘More or Less Sports’, and ‘More or Less Football’. Look out for these titles in itunes in the near future.If you spot a fact you think is incorrect then please email with proof of the correct answer and we’ll endeavor to change the fact in question. Good luck! Expand
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