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  • Summary: The good news is that the Sluggo Employment Agency just found you a new job. The bad news is that it’s as a human cannonball for Sluggo Big-Time Circus.

    Guide Mr. Bill through two disaster-filled jobs and dozens of fun-filled levels. Stay aloft until you reach your destination by
    bouncing off trampolines, dangling from balloons and getting shot into the air by a trained seal all while avoiding all manner of unpleasant obstacles. If you survive the circus you’ll report for work at Sluggo’s farm where the hay bailer is the least of your problems.
    - Wonderfully irreverent gameplay inspired by the misadventures of the late night character.
    - Hours of gameplay with two modes of play - a story mode and an endless mode where your goal is to stay aloft as long as possible.
    - Pick up and play controls and achievements.
    – More levels and updates to come!
    Check out other awesome games from Capcom including Mega Man® II, KENKEN Pro®, Resident Evil: Degeneration™, Resident Evil® 4 Ghosts™‘N Goblins 2, Street Fighter® IV, 1942: First Strike and more!
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  1. Feb 6, 2011
    In spite of these flaws Mr. Bill is a delightful trip down memory lane for those who knew him, and a fun and wacky experience for those who don't.
  2. Feb 6, 2011
    If you're a Mr. Bill fan you'll undoubtedly love the senseless violence on show here, but it's worth noting that even haters like myself will get a kick out of it as well.
  3. Feb 6, 2011
    Mr.Bill is in trouble - again - and you can either help him to survive; help him to get a bonus; or watch him crash, burn and be devoured should you so wish it.
  4. Feb 6, 2011
    Mr. Bill is an addictive cannon shooter that's fun while it lasts.
  5. Feb 6, 2011
    Very amusing. [Christmas 2010, p.91]
  6. Feb 6, 2011
    The problem with games like Mr. Bill is that it's not necessarily a bad title, it's just that there are so many better ways iPhone users could be spending their time.