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  • Summary: Music Match is not just a game, it's a new way to enjoy your music!Music Match takes your iPod Library and revolutionizes it by turning it into a "memory" style match two game. But there's nothing old-fashioned about this action, check it out for FREE to see what we mean! In the game, touching a tile starts a countdown clock and you better find that match because your points of dropping fast! See if you can get a perfect game! A perfect game is when you touch each song tile exactly once with no repeats.But there is much more to this, because Music Match is very cleverly designed. Each time you match a song, the countdown timer stops. This might not sound like much but it's totally fun! If you like the song, this gives you a chance to rock out to your favorite tunes, right in the middle of your game! Don't like the current song? No problem, just keep playing and matching until you find a song you like, and then it's time to Jam, man! The way the game design is set up, you can play through the levels super fast, or take your time and enjoy your tracks. This is one part GAME and one part 21st century WALKMAN!After each round the levels countdown harder and harder. Can you get to level 10?? At the end of the game, your score is calculated and Music Match presents you with a beautiful PLAYLIST of all the songs you matched in the game. Simply touch any song in the playlist to listen to that track. There is also a convenient link to the iTunes store if you want to see new music from that particular artist. With Music Match you will fall in love with you music library all over again!Music Match is a fun challenge of testing how well you know all the music in your iTunes library. Take this challenge on your own, show off in front of your friends, or better yet - challenge your friends to see how well they know YOUR tunes!Coming soon: Music Match HD for iPad! Expand
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