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  • Summary: .......................................... CHRISTMAS BIG SALE!!! $0.99 .......................................... Machine V.S. Machine Gun Main Story In 2073 alien robots declared war on the human race. To prevent humans from developing a stronger defense, the robots started attacking our weapon development centers. Out of the 3 weapon development centers, one in particular was most vital. Base S2-95. The robots attacked and captured Base S2-95, mercilessly killing everyone inside. Fortunately, the main research lab was not harmed by any robots. Moments after their arrival, Sgt. Jackson and his squad was devastated and killed by the robots. Sgt. Jackson survived alone and now, he alone must defend the surviving research lab.

    The Game

    Play as Sgt. Jackson as he defends 8 areas that are most vital for the survival of this research lab. Can you hold off the invasion before the robots take over? One man survives the terrible onslaught of the robots; can he survive till the end? It's up to YOU to find out.

    Game Highlights

    - Play in 8 different levels in the game, and with each new level, there holds new surprises.

    - Fast paced action with a sheild that you can deploy to defend yourself from damage from the enemy.

    - Uprade your machine gun up to three times for a stronger defense against the enemy

    - Full 3D action experience..

    - A wide range of different robots in the game.

    - Easy to use touch controls.

    Hints and tips

    - The boss at the end of each level is very tough to defeat. It’s better to use the laser to defeat the boss.

    - The shield must be timed correctly. It takes a split second for the shield to come up. So, use your shield before the enemy fire hits you.

    - Robots with a green ring give you money, robots with a red ring give you health.
    Make sure you destroy these efficiently.
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