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  • Summary: NBC’s The Office Challenge is a game that brings you the hand on experience of the award winning American mockumentary ‘The Office’ on NBC, starring 4 central characters; the titular Assistant (to the) Regional Manager Dwight Schrute, the paper salesman Jim Halpert, the receptionist Pam Beesly and the accountant Kevin Malone.

    36 micro games to get you most of the experience and keep you addicted to the phone. Each character has a set of mini-games revolving around its traits in the series.
    Unlock characters as the game progresses. Play the survival mode to unleash real logical analyzing and quick responsiveness.
    Get nostalgic with the complete Office experience using your iPhone in multiple ways to play the games.
    Given instructions at the start of each game to minimize your learning curve.
    Simple ‘Pick n Play’ controls and Intuitive gameplay to enhance your game experience.

    Standout Features:
    • Vivid art style with charming music and sound effects to catalyze your gaming experience.

    • Featuring the funniest scenarios from the series like, Flonkerton – A race wherein your legs are tied to paper boxes and you have to reach the finish line before your opponent does. Table Top Golf – Wherein you need to aim and pot a golf ball inside a hole on the table. Paintball – Take your opponents out before they knock you down with your ink-pen at office, and many more.

    • A fun filling experience for all fans of the series, and a whole new experience for those who are new to this award winning super comedy.
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