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  • Summary: New World Colony is an addictive strategy board game built specifically for the iPad. Starting from a single plot of land, you must settle new territories, gather resources, trade, and build structures in order to grow your colony. In order to secure victory, you must find a way to control and defend large regions.

    EASY FOR BEGINNERS: Contains a built-in, step-by-step tutorial to quickly teach you how to pick up and play. Also contains a quick reference rule sheet if you need information during a game. And a message bar gives helpful instructions as the game goes on. This game is easy for anyone to jump in and start playing.

    FUN FOR EXPERTS: The gameplay is deep enough that each game is full of interesting tactical decisions. No dice rolling means that you are always in control of your own destiny - you will win or lose based on how well you execute your strategy. Four gameplay modes, multiple map sizes, and completely random maps mean that every game requires a different strategy.

    - Build structures such as mines, sawmills, towns, forts, and granaries to increase your resource gathering rate
    - Build trading posts to gain trade bonuses
    - Build shipyards to conquer and expand over the lakes and seas
    - Resource prices affected by supply and demand
    - Build walls to keep your enemies at bay
    - Four game modes to suit your style: Normal, Defensive, Pacifist, and Warlord

    Currently, the game is local multiplayer only, so get your friends and family over to play. Very shortly, some AI will be built so that you can play single player against the computer! Game Center functionality will also be added in a future update.
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