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  • Summary: Merry Christmas! Night Divine is a Christmas game, it was designed to be a peaceful and visually stunning experience. Features: - 3D graphics and nice effects! - Tilt to control view around the tree. - Touch tree to decorate it. - Beautiful background music. "O Holy Night" THE STORY:
    You are at the North Pole, it is dark and cold. Snow flakes are slowing falling while "O Holy Night" quietly plays in the background. You are standing in front the one-and-only Magical North Pole Christmas Tree. This special tree only exists for a few weeks each year, right before Christmas time. It's single purpose is to radiate Christmas Spirit and Joy to the whole world. But a person is required to help make this come true, and this year YOU have been chosen to be that special person!
    You stand facing the Christmas tree and magical colored snow flakes fall around the tree. Tilting the iPhone left and right will rotate you around the tree so that you can catch the colored snow flakes before they hit the ground. Catching them will cause the Tree to brilliantly radiate Christmas Spirit and Joy to the world.


    Night Divine has two play modes; Game mode and Decorate mode...

    GAME MODE: The goal is to catch the colored snow flakes. There is no time limit. Each flake you catch is worth 5 points. You lose 10 points for each flake that falls to the ground. Your current score and goal is displayed in the upper left of the screen. When your score reaches the goal amount you win the level and are rewarded with a colorful snowstorm. Each level is progressively difficult and, when won, the reward is progressively beautiful.

    DECORATE MODE: When playing in decorate mode, you simply decorate the tree as you desire. There is no time limit or goals. Just have fun.


    SUPPORT NOTE: I see that someone just left a review stating that this app "Froze my ipod". This kind of problem can happen if other apps you previously played did not "close" properly. If this happens to you, please restart your iPod/iPhone by holding down the Power and Home buttons. This is good advise anytime you have a problem with ANY iphone game. Thank you.


    Game designed and programmed by Randy Edmonds.

    Music provided by Kevin MacLeod.
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