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  • Summary: Overcome your fears as you attempt to face The Nightmare!Survive the numerous obstacles standing in your path as you carefully navigate the streets of Tulsa on your way to the annual event called Nightmare. Maneuver potholes, pesky birds, dodge spike strips, and other challenges as you work your way through the city all in an effort to gain access to the 20th annual GUTS Nightmare! Unlock the 1st of the 5 levels in order to move to the 2nd level (and so on) until you’ve successfully moved throughout the entire city. If you are able to accomplish this without losing all 3 lives, you will have reached your goal. After completing Act I, your scores from the 5 levels will be added together and posted on our Game Center Leaderboards. See how your score compares with other players, and if your score doesn’t match up, replay any and all levels to get a better time so you can be at the top!What is the Nightmare Event?The Nightmare is a dramatic presentation of life and death scenarios that help illustrate the love and compassion for Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. The Nightmare in Tulsa has become an annual tradition to attend for thousands of people in the Oklahoma area and around the country.Want more info about The Nightmare?Besides being a fun and addicting game, this app also provides more information about the GUTS Nightmare Event. Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, connect with GUTS via popular social media outlets, as well as learn about how to get tickets to The Nightmare. Expand
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