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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
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  1. Feb 17, 2011
    Could have easily been another tower-defense game, but Venan Entertainment have proven they don't need lightning to strike twice and have made an endless vertical game that just has to be tried.
  2. Feb 17, 2011
    Don't say we didn't warn you. Ninjatown: Trees of Doom will absorb your life.
  3. Feb 17, 2011
    It makes excellent use of the touchscreen, requiring a mix of timing, aim, and fast thinking as players control a little ninja climbing a pair of trees as high as he can.
  4. Feb 17, 2011
    Being somewhat of a casual gaming connoisseur, I can't recommend Ninjatown enough. The challenge of the game along with the quick play time make this one perfect for a quick gaming session.
  5. Feb 17, 2011
    Trees of Doom is perfect for the iPhone with pick-up-and-play gaming suited for the gamer on the go.
  6. Feb 17, 2011
    A good combination of hazards (flying enemies, poisonous walls, crazy people with spears, etc.) and power-ups (invincibility orbs, magical flying mustaches, rockets, etc.) make this a perfect pull-out-and-play experience for the iPhone and ensure that things don't get stale.
  7. Feb 17, 2011
    Perfect for long trips or just a couple of rounds a day, it's an irresistible and well-designed App that's affordably priced and a lot of fun.
  8. Feb 17, 2011
    Ninjatown is no cakewalk, though, so if you are looking for a real challenge, Trees of Doom brings it. Just don't expect it to bring much originality with it.
  9. Feb 17, 2011
    Ultimately, if you're looking for a quick, pick up and play platformer, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! is worth a look, especially at the $.99 price point.
  10. Feb 17, 2011
    Not in either Doodle Jump or Bird Strike's league, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! comes with a similar height-chasing set-up, but you could well get bored before it hits the top.

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