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  • Summary: LET’S PLAY O2JAM S: NETWORK FREE, PLAY 3 LEVELS FOR 10 + HIDDEN SONGSThank you very much for loving and supporting O2Jam brand from all around the world. Following O2Jam U, O2Jam S is finally launched as iOS application. O2Jam S provides a new way to enjoy rhythm action game: SHOOTING!!! It also offers a variety of notes and optimized songs to emphasize rhythm on your devices. There is high possibility that you might not see familiar songs at O2Jam S. But all music we provide is appropriate to offer maximized impacts and rhythm. Please try to feel O2Jam and enjoy new types of fun and excitements through O2Jam S. O2Jam started to PC service since 2002 from Republic of Korea. In 2006, more than 50 million users in Asia area enjoyed and loved O2Jam based on perfectly optimized songs to provide strong impacts and rhythms. As NO.1 rhythm action game, O2Jam has high reputations from Asia. ?Top Ten Lists Why You Have To Love O2Jam S? 1. Provide optimized songs to feel maximized impacts and rhythms - Offer 10 songs + Hidden songs 2. Approach new way to enjoy rhythm action game: SHOOTING 3. Offer ranking system through game center - Available to check your or others’ ranks - LET’S COMPETE!!! 4. Offer special missions - If you accomplish specific missions, you can receive hidden songs and notes. 5. Provide a variety of modes - Three levels: Easy, Normal, Hard - Six speed controls 6. Provide lite/full version 7. Play as network free 8. Present well organized UI 9. Offer O2Jam S OST 10. IT IS THE BEST!!! O2Jam U provides only the best quality of songs and games. ?Be a Friend with O2Jam Cute Admin? O2Jam cute admin is waiting for you. www.facebook.com/O2JAM.global ?Launching Event: "Finding Cute Bugs"? Please leave messages on O2Jam facebook or send an e-mail(o2jamcuteadmin@momocorp.co.kr) Expand
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