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  • Summary: *** THE KIDS WILL LOVE IT! ***“More fun than the health care reform!" "More improbable than the budget cuts!" "The craziest thing you've ever seen in your life!"We present OBAMA GAMES!Obama Games is a funny game collection stared by our president Barack Obama.The first available game is the hilarious “Find Obama!”In this game, Obama is in a secret mission, and you need to find him!Where is Obama? Behind the bush? Behind the dogs? Behind (your) money? Behind the American Flag?IMPORTANT NOTE: Obama is so smart that he can be hidden behind anything! So, sometimes you need to drag the screen objects to find Obama! But don't be afraid! He always will be there for us! Download for free and discover! The free lite version allows advance only up to level 7. The full version has unlimited levels!Guaranteed fun for the whole family, democrats and republicans!FEATURES:• More games will be available in the next updates.• Option to enable and turn off music (The Star-Spangled Banner)• HD Images (High Definition Images) • Animations, hidden objects and many surprises! • Score • Designed for iPad and iPhone/iPod.• Game "Find Obama Lite" for free!• "Find Obama!" full version available for purchase! Expand
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