Obama vs. Romney: US Presidential Election Boxing Image
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  • Summary: Whether you’ve always wanted to challenge the current President to a boxing match or would love to just punch Mitt Romney in the face, this application is a great novelty idea for you to try out. Dressed to impress in some classic boxing attire, including debate suits, laced-up shoes and a pair of blue boxing gloves, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are ready for action. Players can choose to play as either Romney or President Obama at the beginning of the game and proceed down the ‘stars and stripes’ state campaign trail in search of votes and policy reform from the Golden State to the Oval Office in the nation’s Capitol. At the end of each bout, users have the option to share their valiant progress along the campaign trail with their friends on popular social network, Facebook. The winning candidate is rewarded with 40 million votes for successfully defeating their opponent and receives even more votes for every punch landed in the defence of their political party’s territory. These votes are tracked and tabulated after each bout, allowing gamers to monitor the number of votes won in each state. Gamers can tap the aptly-coloured blue and red buttons to punch their opponent and use the centre-white button to block incoming attacks in hope of keeping their candidature on track all the way to the White House. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest presidential action. Expand
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