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  • Summary: Have you ever felt the desire to strongly express your opinion, slap the table and shout "Objection!" as Phoenix Wright does in the cult game saga Ace Attorney™ by Capcom for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS?

    Objection! is an innovative sound machine that gives you the ability
    to express in a funny and playful style your true feelings to friends, relatives, mother-in-law, teachers, politicians and whoever you don't agree with.

    The innovation of Objection! is in its use.
    Place the iPhone or iPod Touch on a surface top (ie. table), pick an objection and a sound effect, then slap the area near the device. The exclamation comes out and all the people around you will hear about your Objection!

    You have at your disposal 4 exclamations to choose from (Objection!,Take That!, Hold It! and Gotcha!) that are localized in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).
    In addition to slap, you can also make an objection sound by touching the text balloon or shaking the device.
    The 4 exclamations can be mixed up with 20 different sound effects that enhance and overdraw your Objection!
    The sound effects in this version are:
    electric shock, thunder, spaceship, drums, broken glass, bomb, cannon, crash, car accident, arrow, rifle, hammer, rocket, machine-gun, handgun, space gun, revolver, splash, trash can, broken window.

    "Objection!" has great graphics with an irreverent character making hilarious and angry animations, including a number of lively backgrounds that changes color after any "Objection!" is played.

    • Innovative slap function to make an objection be heard
    • Traditional touch and shake modes
    • 4 recreated exclamations: Objection!, Gotcha!, Take That!, Hold It!, Gotcha!
    • 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish
    • Random objection option
    • 20 different sound effects to mix with any objection
    • Sound effect mute mode: only the objection will be heard
    • Funny and catchy graphics
    • Irreverent and hilarious animated character
    • 8 colorful animated backgrounds

    Stay updated with our latest apps and games by visiting us at www.downtomoon.com. Please follow us on http://twitter.com/DOWNTOMOON and for any enquiries mail us at support@downtomoon.com. We want to design the best apps possible based on our user input so feel free to contact us.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    All copyrights and trademarks are the property of the respected owners.
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