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  • Summary: Join the courageous revolutionary 99% as we reclaim riches stolen by the greedy, self-righteous bankers of the world. Become part of this challenging action game where courageous occupiers smash into the capitalistic world of the evil bankers, giving them what they deserve. You don’t have to be on Wall Street to be part of the Occupy Movement. Vent your frustration of ridiculous rates and stupid fees from your very own throne. Destroy their riches. Blast through their opulence. Even the score against the evil empire with each level and recapture the wealth that belongs to us, the 99%ers! Challenge: The fluid physics, richly-detailed graphics, and humorous soundtrack create a game environment that you won’t want to set down. But be warned: this is a difficult game! You are on your own to figure out where, when and how to defeat those nasty bankers in order to retrieve their ill-gotten gains.Learn: Every level has a set of facts about the Occupation Movement all around the world! Learn something new with every level cleared.Who we are: We represent the 99%. We are Canadian, American, Argentinian, and Indian citizens. We are a laid-off school administrator, computer technician, coffee shop owner, single mom, Republican, Democrat and Independent. Our education levels range from no high school to graduate degrees. We’ve lost our homes to foreclosure, we rent, and we own our homes. We are nobodies yet we are everyone. We are tired of the unfair practices while remaining hopeful for a brighter solution. We love our countries and we want to see change. We are bank customers upset with the current world condition. We have come together to mesh fun and education in one game.Blast! Posted by Usrgirls2 March 27, 2012 Recommended for Career People or Tech/Social Networking JunkiesWhat a great way to get those bankers back! Even though it's just a game, sure feels good and it's fun!The next game to hit the game world with gusto!Go 99 %'ers! Posted by rights March 28, 2012 Recommended for GamersI love it! The 99%'ers strike back. This is such a fun game! Expand
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