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  • Summary: Are you ready to win up to one MILLION in virtual money? PICK YOUR CARD NOW. IT’S FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. THIS CARD COULD BE YOURS. Print your name on it. Test your knowledge and see how far you go.Will you win up to ONE MILLION in virtual money answering 16 multiple-choice questions correctly in a row?4 SETS OF 4 QUESTIONS, 4 LEVELS Each right answer reveals and activates one digit on your card. A level is validated when its four figures are activated. You can then shift to the next level: 1,000; 10,000; 100,000 and 1,000,000 in virtual money. Once a level is validated your earnings are secured if you fail to complete the following level. You can validate a level either by yourself or with the help of others (11 qualifiers). 4 CHANCES OF ASSOCIATION If you get one answer or more wrong, their linked figures on your card will remained locked. To activate them, you will need to select a partner who succeeded where you made a mistake. You can end the game alone, with one, two, three or four partners. If you play in a team, you will share the earnings with them.You might have to leave the game at anytime, if no one can save you or if you can’t create a winning team. ONLY 2 JOKERSYou will start with only two jokers. They can be used at the end of each level. They give you a second chance to choose a winning partner. Should you complete a level all the way through with no errors, you will be granted an extra joker. Expand
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