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  • Summary: Orb Storm is a game that combines strategic thinking and quickness. The game field is a ring of orbs which fills from the bottom and you can shoot destroyer orbs at it or tap similarly colored orbs in the ring for points. Your goals are:1) Prevent the game field from being filled with orbs. The orbs enter from the bottom and once they can no longer enter the game field, the game is over.2) Score line of orbs which span from inside to outside of the ring. Each such line gets you closer to advancing to the next level, and gets you a lot of points.3) Score groups of same colored orbs. The larger the group, the more points you get. But never destroy groups of orbs that could potentially get you from inside of the ring to the outside.4) Destroy unwanted orbs. Destroying unwanted orbs opens up room for new orbs. As a matter of fact you can destroy any and all orbs you want, having a never ending game. But destroying orbs will burn off a lot of points, down to zero.Once you have scored orb groups (they turn gray), destroyed orbs by shooting a destroyer at them (they also turn gray), or have scored a lines of orbs from center to outside of the ring (they turn white), press the Compact button in the lower left to compact the bubbles and shrink the ring as needed. Newer levels gets you more points and slowly become more challenging, making it harder to decide what to destroy, what to score, and what to keep around. Expand
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