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  • Summary: Orbots Attack™ - Developed by HUGE Graphics

    Mission Briefing... "Listen up! Weird floating orb thingies have invaded the city! They haven't hurt anyone - yet. We think they must be looking for something, but all they're gonna find here is a face full of lead! It's your
    job to eliminate as many of those stinkin' floaters as possible, soldier. So get out there and pump some lead into those balls! Er, you know what I mean, boy - go, go, go!!!"

    Orbots Attack is a simple arcade-style shooter in which you tilt to aim and tap to fire your high-powered machine guns, blasting Orbots and watching them explode Hollywood-style. It’s easy to play. All you have to do is earn the required number of points before the level expires – that is, if you can avoid the dreaded Clankers, which empty your score completely! In the tradition of a true arcade game, there are no game saves, so just try to pass as many levels as you can in one sitting, and keep pushing that high score up!

    • Engaging tilt game play
    • High quality sounds and visuals
    • 25 action-packed levels
    • 3 levels of difficulty, so you can play again and again
    • Records your all-time high score
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