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  • Summary: Orchestra is the first music game to play classical songs as Director and Violinist using your iPhone/iPod Touch to simulate movements.

    This game uses your iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer to get your movements while you are playing.

    * Be the Director of an orchestra conducting with your
    iPhone/iPod Touch. Swing it up and down to follow the rythm and express the power of the music. * Play the Violin and enjoy the excellence of classic pieces. You will discover the energy of playing a Violin! After your session you will get your results and also can challenge a friend! To increse the difficulty and challenging, try Expert mode! "A must have masterpiece". Express yourself. Featues: - Play as Director conducting the orchestra. - Play as Violinist. - Challenge friend to know who can play better. - Difficulty modes: Normal / Expert. - Help to know basic movements. - Right / Left hand options. Songs list: Ode to Joy - Beethoven Four Seasons, Spring - Vivaldi Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky Four Seasons, Summer - Vivaldi 5th Symphony - Beethoven Two Violin Concerto - Bach Symphony No. 25 - Mozart Symphony No. 40 - Mozart Les Toreadores, from Carmen - Bizet Canon in D major - Pachebel Also check out our other awesome games: Place Map - Locate and discover awesome places of the world myDesktop - Multi window web browser CUP destroyer CUP destroyer FREE Pirania MillonFace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Apg7B6XjEJU Keywords: orchestra music director violin iphone classical music voon vivaldi mozart beethoven bach tchaikovsky pachebel bizet Expand
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