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  • Summary: Manipulate and observe a colorful colony of organisms as they mate and evolve over time. You can: - Touch and drag organisms. - Flick organisms against a wall to change their color - Control the rate of time - Manipulate the mating rules and observe the effect on the colony - Turn on the accelerometer in settings, then tilt or shake your iPhone or iPod to apply some gravity

    Touch the info button in the bottom right corner to see the settings screen.
    Here you can adjust:
    - rate of time flow
    - number of starting organisms, and maximum number of organisms
    - gestation period, multiculturalism, and genetic variance
    - accelerometer on/off option

    Organisms seek out and mate with one another based on shared color (depending on the level of multiculturalism), and make baby organisms (at the rate of the gestation period) that inherit their color (depending on the level of genetic variance).

    At the default settings, within a few generations the colony will tend towards one color. Gradually, the colony will shift colors into a succession of new palettes.

    Experiment with different settings to create unique evolutionary patterns for your organisms.
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