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  • Summary: OSPREY

    Genre Adventure Arcade

    Hunt, nurture and survive the rigors of the future in this “3D” game. This game contains gorgeously rendered backgrounds and slick animations. Utilize the iPhone's state of the art tilt control features to capture prey for your young osprey
    chick who needs sustenance to gain the ability to fly.

    Solve puzzles such as leading a repair truck to fix a broken generator to bringing a toy to entertain your demanding chick.

    Escape from the rigors of your commute or just chill out, kick back and indulge in the relaxing experience that is Osprey.

    The History of OSPREY

    "Osprey" was first developed in the U.S.S.R. at Novosibirsk State University by Mikhail Alekseevich and Sergei Khristianovich. It was developed initially merely as a study of the possibilities of artificial intelligence (A.I.) creatures reproducing and mimicking nature. The Russian government, however, heard of the idea and despite the objections of Mikhail and Sergei the project was taken over by the state as the military elite thought the Osprey devices would be ideal for counter-espionage activities.

    Soon after the two students mysteriously disappeared.

    The Russian government, after hushing up the incident of the disappearing students, aggressively pursued their military program and developed an array of creatures. Without the input from the gifted students, however, the A.I. robots became harder to control and a number of them just disappeared. Scientists believed that the original hawks had developed some kind of teleportation device, but this was never proven as the project was ignominiously shut down soon after, and hushed up by the politicians who wished to avoid embarrassment.

    That was over a hundred and twenty years ago...
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