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  • Summary: Whack the Owl! Lightening fast reactions are required for this version of whack-a-mole, only with Owls! Owls are cute. We always knew owls were cute, and monkeys, which is why we made Monkey Whacker. Back then we thought nobody wanted to whack an owl, right? Wrong!

    You have 20, 30 or 60
    seconds to whack as many owls as you can. This one has 12 targets just like our original Monkey Whacker. The entire screen is devoted to the touch screen play area, which is important with a mobile game on a small device. The graphics are simple to keep the game speed fast. The targets are responsive to the slightest and fastest of touches. The game starts at a speed you can keep up with but rapidly gets insanely fast. Can you keep up for the whole time?

    The owls hoot as you whack them, and the game vibrates when your time is up. The game remembers the current session's high score so you can pass it round your friends to see who can get the highest score. The game is so easy to use it is also child friendly, but then we are all big kids really!

    No owls were hurt in the making of this game!

    Check out the other games in our Whacker series, in our expanding menagerie we have Monkeys, Kitties, Doggies, Elephants, Sheep, Bears, Penguins and Cows! Download your favourite animal and while you are at it the others too as they are all just so darn cute!
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