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  • Summary: WINNER of "Best Augmented Reality App" of the Year Award from Featured in App Store - What's Hot? (Games) "One of a kind gaming experience...must try even for those who may not usually enjoy first person shooters" - The iPhone Blog "A+ for Originality", "Game is really fun and totally worth the download. Don’t waste any time snatching this badboy up. Pandemica is a total winner!" -

    If you're a 3GS user this is an App you want, to show off the unique capabilities of this device.

    Pandemica is XMG Studio's 1st generation AR game (wait until you see what we have next) and an intense, arcade-style shooter. There are 3 single-player game modes (Mission, Endless, and Time Attack) and two multiplayer modes (maximizing either points or cooperating on defence against the alien virus).

    Pandemica transforms your device into a sub-field bio-scanner that can see the invisible alien organisms that are all around you. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy before they get you -- and you get the goo. Unlock weapons such as missiles, BEP (Bio-Electric Pulse), and the BFB (Boson Field Bomb) to complement your trusty standard-issue laser.

    · Amazing augmented reality gameplay that blends the Pandemica game world with the real world around you
    · Slick, rich looking graphics that create an amazing, immersive gaming experience
    · Multiplayer mode is playable over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
    · Leaderboard to track highest single player or team scores

    · iPhone 3GS with OS 3.1 for compass-driven augmented reality
    · Fast fingers to blast away the alien organisms
    · Strong stomach (the goo can be gross)

    Look for more from the XMG Studio team!
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